What I Learned About Body Positivity By Running Naked At A Nudist Ranch

If you think that you look unflattering in your race photos, try doing it naked. Not only will you look unflattering, but you will feel physically unflattering. You’ll smell unflattering, and you will sound unflattering.

Or at least that was how I thought my naked 5k race experience would be.

Despite many naked treadmill training sessions, I wasn’t fully prepared for the emotional discomfort I initially felt wash over me while lined up at the start line with hundreds of other naked (or partially naked) runners.

The pre-race fun began with small talk and cracking jokes with the other runners about all of the possible things that could go wrong during the run and how we’ll explain our naked injury to loved ones. I shook hands with these naked people. I got to know them. They invited me into their cabins to take nude pre-race selfies to share later on Instagram. Eventually, I stopped seeing naked people and just saw people.

warm months are ideal to test the exact opposite trend: running with nothing but the sneakers.

The running is targeted to nudism: running naked is a risk or extreme fashion?

For obvious, except for reasons nudist resorts beaches it is rare to see someone with absolutely nothing on training. In fact, there is a racing circuit with clothing optional -in practice, “textiles”, ie, who are covered with a terse athletic pants and a shirt are as bad as in the beaches- seen in the United States.

There are some races like Hot Bare Dare 5K, with over 500 participants. The best brands in the men walk around 15 minutes, which indicates that there is an activity that vocational streakers or a game to show off are released, which may not have anything wrong but would have nothing to do with running or fitness.

Actually, it ‘s not as crazy run and compete naked . That is the way we know it was done in the ancient Olympics gives some clue, but also the best argument for using sportswear: modern fabrics improve performance and comfort. They prevent chafing and sun.

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20th annual Bare Buns Run at Wreck Beach

Participants enjoyed the Bare Buns Run 5K at Wreck Beach in Vancouver on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

The run was held in support of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, which helps preserve and maintain the beach. Though people ditched the clothes, many runners did the 5K with shoes. The race is split up into age group categories as well as a walkers and families category.

Wreck Beach is a 7.8-kilometre clothing-optional beach along the perimeter of the University of British Columbia. It’s North America’s largest nude beach. According to the website, it’s also the busiest beach in Canada during peak summer months with upwards of 14,000 daily visitors.

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Bare Body Confidence


Camping_Dorset72 (Photo credit: jjay69)



Bare Body Confidence


Why would someone so averse to baring her flesh sign up for this? No, I didn’t lose a bet. I’m motivated by my boyfriend, Chris, an avid runner and the inspiration behind my completing six half-marathons, two fullmarathons, and a handful of shorter races in which I’ve even won an award or two. Chris has run the Fig Leaf three years in a row and won’t shut up about how much fun it is. Though I’m more interested in the bragging rights that come from going through with something so outrageous, at the heart of my decision is this: I love the adrenaline rush of a new challenge.

But as the date approaches, I find it harder to view the race as just another adventure. The thought of my bare body in front of a group of strangers is scary enough; the thought of my lumps and bumps jiggling around for the world to see is downright mortifying.


Local runners share naked enthusiasm for Bare Buns Fun Run

Local runners share naked enthusiasm for Bare Buns Fun Run.

On July 14, hundreds of runners will join Gearhart in varying degrees of dress. The Fun Run, a strenuous 5K trail run up Tiger Mountain, is the grand finale of a weekend at the nudist park. The festivities begin July 12 with a wine and cheese party. At 1 p.m. Saturday, Fraternity Snoqualmie, in partnership with the American Association for Nude Recreation, will attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for largest skinny dip, which it set in 2010.


Unfettered fifty

Fifty Flabby Unfettered via Hoopla.com

“Oh My God… I’m not sure if I can do this,” exclaimed one. “I’ve never swum in a race before, let alone NUDE,” said another. “And look at all these men!” chimed in one mum, echoing the thoughts of many for whom it had just sunk in that naked men were actually going to be down on the beach with us.


Growing tolerance for public nudity in New Zealand

Nude jogger ruling sign of growing tolerance

“What it points to is the growing tolerance in New Zealand of diverse lifestyles and freedom of expression,” he said.

“The judge pointed out that Mr Pointon was going out of his way to be away from most people and was being sensitive to their needs. There was no element of exhibitionism. He was 20km away from a built-up area.”

Bott said he did not believe the case would lead to widespread nudity.