Success for Scottish ramblers

# The naked ramblers…you really have to admire their cheek

THESE nudists are off like a flash as they tackle Scotland’s first-ever mass naked ramble.

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Scottish nudists celebrate their 'greatest' milestone

# Scotland’s nudists complete their first ever group naked ramble

Scotland’s nudists celebrated their ‘greatest’ milestone so far as they went on their first ever group hike yesterday (Saturday) at their annual gathering in Dunoon’s idyllic Glenmorag Hotel.

Dozens of men and women, most in just boots, walked through a sunny, secluded glen on the popular west coast.

Snow on the hills led several to keep a few clothes on, including fleeces, while others opted to wear colourful cover-ups, including a grass skirt, to fit in with the Hawaiian theme of the group’s latest annual weekend social.

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Rambler Gone in a flash

The Naked Rambler is gone in a flash

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Naturist Gough, 53, was homeward bound after marching all the way from Edinburgh in the buff without being arrested.

Since coming here on a plane in 2006 Gough has been behind bars almost constantly after racking up an amazing 18 convictions related to his nudity.

But his persistence paid off when he was freed from Edinburgh’s Saughton nick on Friday and cops turned a blind eye.

As he jubilantly stepped over into England last night he beamed: “I have a lot of great memories of Scotland and its people that will stay with me as long as I live.”

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The 1st BN Scottish Naturist Weekend

The 1st BN Scottish Naturist Weekend
BRITISH NATURISM has had great success staging nude events at some of England’s best-known holiday venues, such as Blackpool and Alton Towers, but we’ve never been to Scotland – until now!

In conjunction with the Scotland and Northern England region, we will be taking over the Glenmorag Hotel in Dunoon, on the Firth of Clyde, on April 12-14 2013.

Big bums body hair and bingo wings but not a perv to be seen

Big bums body hair and bingo wings but not a perv to be seen

More than 60 per cent of the 120-year-old group are over 60 — but that’s all about to change.
Last week, we told how 18-year-old Kimberley Craigie is on a mission to spread the word amongst youngsters.
Scotland boasts two official nudist colonies, in Aberdeen and at Loch Lomond, while dozens of naturists meet at a Glasgow swimming pool every Sunday.

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Naturist club youth officer: I’m looking for nude recruits

Naturist club youth officer: I’m looking for nude recruits


“We have fun and most of all we’re all just normal people throwing off the cares of the world and getting back to nature. Believe me, the stress just melts away and by the time you leave, you feel fantastic.” But Kimberley knows she has her work cut out. Last week it was revealed that the naturist Scottish Outdoor Club, based in Inchmurrin Island in Loch Lomond, has seen its membership halved in recent years.