More good news for those who like being clothes free

There’s Good News for People Who Just Love Being Naked

Not everyone is at their most comfortable when they’re naked. But to those who are, we see you. You’re the “naked people,” the friends who strip down first when the opportunity arises and prefer being in the buff to wearing even the coolest outfit.

“For the most part, I love being naked,” Sarah, 29, told Mic, “It’s very comfortable and I find most clothing, especially footwear, to be very restricting. I am that person that tries to go barefoot as much as possible every summer. I also sleep so much better naked than wearing even the softest, loosest PJs.”

She’s not the only one. Luckily, being naked is really good for you. From the empowerment of embracing your body at its most vulnerable to the health benefits of letting yourself go, there are true advantages to being that person who prefers the buff.

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French article on clothes free sleeping

Better sleep with or without panties?

Go to bed completely naked giving up not only shirts, skirts or comfortable pigiamoni, but even in briefs, boxers and thongs is obviously easy, but “sleep naked” may initially be a little trickier than expected. Not because there is something unnatural, but a simple matter of habit, that depends on what you are “accustomed” to wear when you go to sleep.

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Sleeping clothes free

Sleeping nude is one of the best ways to begin the practice of nudism. Contrary to conventional wisdom you won’t be cold. If fact your body will eventually begin to regular heat to keep itself warm. I found that longer I had been sleeping nude the less I needed covers I actually got too hot and sweated when I had covers on. In the winter time blanket layers and/or a small room heater can keep the room temperature in a range that allows the body to regular itself. An electric blankets works as well. Most of the time I find I only need a sheet and blanket to stay warm in winter.

Give it a try, begin wearing less and less to bed. Try it over a month or two. You may find as I did that waking up nude is the only thing better than sleeping nude.

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Sleep in the Nude for Better Health

Sleep in the Nude for Better Health

Do you get sweaty on hot nights? Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with your clothes all tangled up and making you uncomfortable? Do you hate waking up tired and groggy because you couldn’t sleep comfortably? This article will not only tell you how to sleep naked and (if there is a strict clothing policy in your house) how to not get caught!

“Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it’s good for your health too. Increasing your level of comfort makes it easier for you to relax and sleep, so you get a better night’s kip. The resulting deeper, longer sleep makes it easier for your body to regenerate and repair itself, and build up your energy for the day ahead.”