Naturism Naked at the beach Revealing our true self

clothes free path to your true self

Naturism Naked at the beach Revealing our true self

Naturism is a cultural and political movement that practises, advocates and defends the rights of the human body and the basic human right to be naked in private and in public. At the heart of our desire to be naked is a deep subconsciousness impulse to be spiritually whole, to be a valid and real person which can be achieved only in being as God made us or through divine communication.

For many, the ultimate reality of the human body is something shameful, something to be indulged in some perverse fantasy. Yet some Christians believe that after death, a person must stand naked before God and be judged, something of a major trauma for those afraid to be seen naked.

If God made us in his/her own image, clothing is to the body
maybe offensive to God.

It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

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