no connection between naturism and sex

Nudist lifestyle not for perverts

When Marilyn Monroe said “the body is meant to be shown off, not all covered up”, she must have got resounding nods from the naturists societies.

Being a naturist, or a nudist, is being part of a lifestyle that chooses to forgo any clothes, and simply go about your daily life without so much as covering your bosom.

While the concept may be horrifying to many, naturists are of the opinion that it is the most liberating experience and that it actually comes with a lot of advantages.

To get a peek into this unconventional lifestyle we spoke to Lofty, the marketing manager of the South African National Naturist Association (Sanna) about what the naturist lifestyle entails.

“The International Naturism Federation’s (INF) definition of naturism is as follows: ‘Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment’, and a naturist is a person who practices communal nudity in terms of this definition,” Lofty says.

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naturists enjoy South Africa's first official nude beach

South Africans bare all at first official nudist beach

A hundred naturists converged Saturday on a beach in South Africa, which has become Africa’s first official nudist beach, despite objections from some locals.

A 500-metre (yard) stretch of Mpenjati Beach, which lies on the Indian Ocean, received local government approval last year to become the continent’s first official nudist venue.

“It was a fantastic day on the beach, we had lots of people on the beach, no problem whatsoever, wonderful weather, warm water, fantastic beach,” enthused Serge Pavlovic, chairman of the South African National Naturist Association (SANNA).

“We got congratulations from all over the world,” he added.

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A week-end at SunEden

week-end at SunEdenMany people ask what naturists do when at a naturist resort. I do not know what they imagine or expect, but the reality is probably less mucky than what their imagination can think about. To dispel any myth around naturism, here’s my recent week-end at SunEden, a South African naturist resort, affiliated to the South Africa National Naturist Association, situated approximately one hour North of Johannesburg, in the middle of the bush.Nakedness starts where the motorway endsAfter around 40 minutes of driving on the motorway from Joburg starts the gravel road that leads to SunEden. For me, this is the signal of nakedness. Five hundred meters away from the last remnant of civilization, I stop the car, and throw my clothes away for a 20-minute naked drive. I was waiting for this moment for a while and every minute spent naked counts! Last right turn and here I am in front of the gate, calling Maria. Sesame opens!

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Hibiscus Coast local municipality is going ahead with the official opening of the nudist beach

First round winners are – the nudists

The 250-metre stretch of beach, which falls under the Mpenjati Nature Reserve, was given official nude-beach status by the municipality in November 2014.

Concerned citizen groups argued that although the municipality had given the go-ahead, the proposed by-law changes authorising the nudist beach had not yet been passed.

Reverend Mike Effanga, who led the pastors group, said they are against the presence of a nudist beach in their neighbourhood.

“They are in violation of the beach by-laws, which are yet to change. We cannot accept any contravention of the laws.”

According to the laws, “no person shall be on the seashore or in the sea or any other place to which these by-laws apply, other than a booth, toilet or change room, unless so dressed that if a female, her nipples are concealed from view and, if male or female their private parts are concealed from view.”

Sipho Mbhele, who heads the forum against the nudist beach, said the beach had brought nothing but shame to the citizens of the South Coast .

“We’re all out to fight the municipality not to implement those by-laws, even to go to court. It is really a disgrace and we don’t want a nudist beach,” Mbhele said.

Mqwebu insisted that the implementation of by-laws will be completed soon after this year’s local government elections.

She believes the nudist beach is a potential catalyst for tourism.

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My South African Naturist Experience


I am a naturist but foremost a Christian, saved by grace through Jesus Christ, my Lord. I became a Christian almost 40 years ago (1976) I was introduced into naturism about 20 years ago.
I believe I can live my life as Christian and as naturist without any compromise. I strive to live an honest and moral upright live, according to the Word of God the Bible. I believe there are nakedness that is neutral (acceptable) and nakedness that are wrong and sinful. I will not go nude at places and in front of people where I could offend them.
God created Adam and Eve; they walked around naked, also in the presence of God without any shame. After their disobedience to God they sinned and their nakedness became a reminder of their disobedience. In Christ Jesus our sins are washed away if we accept His sacrificial offering for our sins, by declaring our faith in Him.
There are a number of other websites, where you can study, nudity in the Bible in its context; I shall refrain from repeating this info here. (See the links at the bottom of the page)
I was introduced into naturism by my hubby. One weekend he took met to Beau Valley, a naturist resort in the Northern Transvaal in South Africa. As we drove into the resort and I saw a number of people walking around totally naked, I was shocked. It took a while before I had the courage to remove my clothes. After a while I felt comfortable when I realised that naturism has nothing to do with sex. Do naturists have sex? Yes, but just as any other person, rugby players, golfers, teachers, etc. I personally believe that sex is given by God to be practised between a husband and wife. I do respect the views of others, and likewise I would like them to respect mine.


Clothes free walk to be part of festival activities

Nude walk to be part of SA festival

The Garden Route Walking Festival is set to be hosted towards the end of next month – with a nude walk planned along with some of the festivities.

The festival is the first of its kind for South Africa and will be held from March 25 to March 29, Easter Weekend. 
Participation is free, however you will be required to register.
A total of 52 walks will be held between George, Knysna, Plett, Natures Valley and Storms River, to allow participants to enjoy the beauty of the Garden Route.
It will cater for all fitness levels – and even different lifestyles.
The Naked Walk in Nature for example will allow participants to walk au naturel

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East Coast Radio asks Are Nude Beaches Your Thing?

Are nude beaches your thing?

For the past 20 years or so, the beach has been an unofficial nude beach and despite calls from the MEC of COGTA (Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs) for municipalities to remove signs to warn beachgoers that they make encounter nudists, the naturalists still went to the beach and did their nude beaching thing.

The chairman of SA National Naturists Association said that until there were formal by law against nude bathing in place, they would not stop going to the beach and enjoying it in the nude

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Did South African Nudists Jump the Gun on First Offical Nude Beach?

Cape Town – Despite a bylaw stating that a 500-metre stretch of on Mpenjati Beach received local government approval in 2014 to become an official nudist venue, nudists were told before the start of the festive season this year that they are not allowed to to do the full monty there.

Times Live reports that at the start of the festive season, the Hibiscus Coast Municipality confirmed that it had received a letter from Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube stating that no nudity would be allowed as the bylaw to legalise the beach as a nudist venue was not formalised yet.
The municipality relaxed the current bylaw by allowing nudists on the beach when it approved an application to declare the 250m stretch of sand KwaZulu-Natal’s first naturist beach in 2014, but says the bylaw is still in the process of being gazetted. 

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