Where to begin?

Well, here I am. Trying out being a nudie at home, with my wife thinking I’m crazy. Although I’ve slept in the nude for as long as we’ve been together, and go to put on some coffee is okay, but when I try to spend the day in the nude she has an issue. To me it’s no big deal, get up and take a shower, go have some breakfast, oops I forgot to put clothes on. I seem to like the freedom being nude gives me, especially when it hits 34c outside and we don’t have a/c. So now I have a work mate that likes being a nudie at home as well as out on the beach and they’ve helped me a lot, and I have someone to talk to about being a nudist. It’s an interesting transformation from textile, to partial nudie, to where I’d like to try a nude beach and maybe even go hiking.