Clothes free yogi December -Bex

Practicing yoga clothes free has helped me appreciate this body I occupy. I recognize that I am here and present in this particular vehicle so I better show it some love. I see clothes free as less about being naked and more about being my true self. Being the version of me as I define it, not based on any relationship or role, any social expectation, creed, physical or material definition. Stripping away all of that, leaves me with myself, as I am my only real asset.
Practicing yoga clothes free has influenced every aspect of my clothed life. I feel more confident than I ever have. I started practicing clothes free just before beginning yoga teacher training. My training strongly emphasizes that we have a regular home practice. Surprisingly there are many yoga teachers who never or rarely practice on their own. Often the focus of yoga is held to just the physical level; focusing on poses and aesthetics, music and clothing. Being at home, in my own bare skin, I find that it serves to move me beyond the physical and allows me to delve into the more subtle aspects of being. I can turn my thoughts inward as I am not encumbered by gatherings or restrictions of movement because of my clothing. It’s just me with myself and I can tune into my mind and body and go to work wherever breath and awareness is needed.

I think this helps me as a yoga teacher because it helps me to listen better to my own body and the energy that surrounds me. I think I am much more perceptive than I have ever been and that helps me to gauge the sequencing and flow of the class. I worry less about perfection and judgement. Paradoxically, by focusing on my own body, I believe am better equipped as a yoga instructor to help those that share yoga with me to focus on their own bodies and to show themselves some love.

Bex Honey

Naked yoga: a conversation with David Oliphant

clothes yoga teacher interview

Naked yoga: a conversation with David Oliphant

So, David, why would a person want to do yoga without any clothes on?

I get that question often. It changes from person to person. I think everybody has their reason for wanting to do it. Some really enjoy the freedom of it without the restrictions of clothing. Other people consider themselves nudists, which I don’t necessarily consider myself one, but I understand it. There are a lot of people, too, that it’s a very significant thing to be in an environment like that and actually take their clothes off. That can be a very emotional thing for people, you know, whether they have self-acceptance issues or shame issues or whatever the case may be. As many people that there are in the class, there’re probably that many different reasons why someone has chosen to be there.

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