The Evolution of Breasts: does it matter?

I started this piece as a reply to the evolution comment thread under my Live (Top)free or Die article, but decided just to post it as its own article since I haven’t been posting during this election season.

(I’m fine, for those that have written to ask if my absence implied anything bad. While I am very personally busy with some great projects, I am happy and healthy. Thank you for asking. I have been out and about bare-chested and have been working quite hard on some legal conversations in Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware. I’ve been laying low because I feel like the tone of the national conversation regarding sexual assault right now has created an environment in which it is very difficult to have quiet, meaningful conversations about equality. To those outside the U.S., suffice to say, the collective social anxiety leading up to this election is palpable and wide-spread and as I have repeated throughout my blog, you really can’t make headway with someone who is in mid-brain panic, and right now, the whole country feels like it is in a mid-brain panic, so I’m letting everything settle down until I come back with any regularity. Please be patient. Just a couple weeks to go hopefully.)

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curator’s note :phenomenal example of intersectional awareness

Women bare breasts for equality in New York City on GoTopless Day – National |

A few dozen women, and some men, went topless Sunday afternoon as they walked down Broadway in New York City. It was part of GoTopless Day, which calls for women to have as much right as men to be bare-chested in public.READ MORE: Women in US plan to go topless in push for equalityThe march was led by some women carrying a banner, followed by others in a convertible, with the top down, of course. Coming up at the end was a pair of giant inflatable breasts. Onlookers gawked and took photos as the parade participants went by.It’s been legal to be bare-breasted in New York since 1992.The event in New York City was one of several planned for cities across the globe. Gatherings were planned in New Hampshire, Los Angeles and more

Source: Women bare breasts for equality in New York City on GoTopless Day – National |

GoTopless Day: Women in Montreal and other Western cities still don’t have equal rights | Jillian Page

Why should the men in this picture be allowed to be topless in public but not the women? In fact, the women in this picture were allowed to be topless in public one Sunday in August 2014 during the demonstration at Mont-Royal in support of topless equal rights for women. Sylvie Chabot (centre, in white jeans) leads a march around the George-Etienne Monument on Mont-Royal as part of a Go Topless demonstration. (Photo by Jillian Page exclusively for

Source: GoTopless Day: Women in Montreal and other Western cities still don’t have equal rights | Jillian Page

Turtle’s Own Words: Going Bare-chested in Pittsburgh ( via breasts are healthy)

Gingerbread came up to visit Pittsburgh last weekend.

We’d just gotten the confirmation from the city’s legal department that female bare-chestedness was legal, the culmination of a conversation that began with her trip to Pittsburgh in December to talk to some of the officers from the police force.

(The response from PBP Legal Department read: CONCLUSION There is no City or State law which expressly prohibits or even addresses the act of appearing bare-breasted in public. Based upon the information provided to the Law Department, the City does not appear to have any legal grounds under the City Code or Title 18 (i.e. the Commonwealth’s Crimes Code) to cite or arrest women for being bare-chested without any additional sexual or criminal behavior associated therewith. The City is preempted from regulating criminal conduct on its own so we only have state law with which to work.)

This visit we were going to test the grounds for the first time officially.

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NY Times covers coed topless fiction group, free the nipple

The Fight to Free the Nipple

Yes, in 2016 women can vote and wear pants. Many large corporations have finally loosened their pantyhose restrictions. But in some states, women still have to hide their nipples in public while men don’t.

O.K. You might be thinking, There’s a gender pay gap. Who cares about nipple censorship?

But the debate about exposed nipples intensified in 2015.: the search term “Free the Nipple” surpassed phrases like “equal pay” and “gender equality” in terms of interest, according to Google trends

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YNA – How the Canadian Media Undermines Topfreedom Equality For Women

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Media and Topfreedom Rights

Do you imagine you will see a Democratic or Republican candidate marching in a Pride Parade or pictured near any topfree women? In Canada, we also have government-provided health care, a high minimum wage and nasty weather many months of the year. Pluses and minuses of living in the Great White North! Fortunately, we get a few months of nice warm summer weather every year that lend well to topfreedom.

Where most Canadian media is actually positive and supportive of Trudeau’s presence at the parade and in these pictures, some articles treat this as more of a joke and some say it was a political mistake.

The troubling thing about this whole incident is the treatment of topfreedom in the Canadian media. Where it is legal for both men and women to be topfree in public, apparently it is not so in the media. The Toronto Star pixelated the woman’s breasts, Chatelaine reduced the woman to a cartoon and the National Post cropped the picture just below the neck. In the Chatelaine article it claimed “we’ve illustrated the woman to maintain her privacy.” The woman chose to be topfree in public. This was not a private statement for her. I am sure she would not have wanted her brave demonstration of her freedom replaced with a cartoon illustration.

Source : YNA