Is It Time For A Nipple Revolution?

What’s all this talk about nipples?” several people have been asking me since I started doing #NippleFormation posts on my Instagram page. See, apparently it’s somebody’s job to dig around for anything sensational to write about. Last week, this person figured that my nipples were “news” worthy. Don’t google it! Every single time you click on tabloid articles, you are making them more relevant on google search results, affecting people’s online & indeed offline reputations. You are contributing to a culture of gender-based cyber violence. There is absolutely no story and even if I had exposed my nipples, they are mine to do with exactly as I please.

There was a time when women’s breasts were not sexualized or fetishized in Africa, parts of the Americas, South Pacific, South East Asia and Polynesia. There are still indigenous communities in Africa where the women walk around bare-chested

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scar story: breast cancer survivor takes on a 1,000 topless walk across america

“We all carry scars we are afraid to allow people to see. We’re afraid to expose those scars because of what people might say and how they’ll judge us. I want to put an end to that. We have scars for a reason: they’re our story of survival. Without the scars, that means you didn’t survive, that whatever it is or whatever it was that had you in the valley or had you in the fight means it took you. Scars let us know that hey, yes, I had cancer and I kicked its ass and I have the scars to prove it.” – Paulette Leaphart

Check out the powerful story and project of Paulette McKenzie Leaphart, who survived breast cancer. Leaphart is doing a 1,000-mile topless walk from Mississippi to Washington, DC for the purpose of showing people what breast cancer looks like and what it looks like to survive it.

“I want my walk to be proof that, no matter what the world thinks or what the world defines as beautiful, I define me. Not my breasts, not my hair color, not my size 2 or size 40, I define me.”

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Paulette’s project is also on Facebook and she has a GoFundMe page for those who would like to contribute.

chicago go topless participant sues to fight fine

Woman sues Chicago for indecent exposure fine on ‘Go Topless Day

Chicago police ticketed Tagami for indecent exposure in August 2014 during an event at Chicago’s lakefront to promote the right of women to bare their breasts in public. Though Tagami, then 41, had tried covering just enough of her breasts to comply with the city’s decency law, an administrative law judge found her liable and ordered her to pay a $100 fine plus $50 in administrative costs.

In January 2015, the city filed a motion to dismiss Tagami’s federal lawsuit over the right of women to go topless in Chicago, arguing that nudity is not protected expression under the Constitution and that “female breasts are considered erogenous in a way that male breasts are not.”

Source: Chicago Tribune

The Right to Bare Breasts

Feminism. It is a word that is so important, yet has become so taboo in the Western Culture. It is a term that is equated with man-hater, or with a woman who wants power and control over men. It re…

Today, in the year 2015, it is illegal for a woman to be topless in 35 states, and this includes breastfeeding. I would say that America is still pretty far behind if this is what is happening. A woman’s body is censored because of the ideas that this culture has promoted about them, and it is time for a change. A woman should feel comfortable breastfeeding her child in all public places (or at least most of them), not just in ones that say, “breastfeeding welcome here.” A woman’s body should not be constantly put on display everywhere except for on the actual human person, and a woman should feel comfortable in her own body, no matter what it is, without feeling ashamed because it might not be sexual enough for this western culture.

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Judge dismisses lawsuit against top less fine

Judge tosses woman’s ‘Go Topless’ lawsuit

U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman tossed the lawsuit Tuesday at the request of city lawyers, shooting down Sonoko Tagami’s claim that police infringed on her rights to free expression and equal protection.

Tagami was ticketed by a Chicago cop on Aug. 24, 2014, for exposing her breasts during a protest at the downtown beach. She said in her lawsuit that she wore opaque body paint that day. A YouTube video of the incident shows her topless but wearing a skirt, quietly speaking to two female officers on the beach.


Source : Chicago Sun Times

“Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.

So let me try to explain AGAIN as to why I feared this would happen and why that put me at odds with those that thought they were onto a good thing.CURRENTLY New Hampshire, like most other States, do NOT have any State-level laws precluding toplessness.So the female nipple was and still is FREE (bar some silly, unenforceable local ordinances, e.g., Gilford beach).When the New Hampshire ‘Free The Nipple‘ movement came to be WE did NOT know that there were NO State Laws against toplessness. We assumed that there must be.Then we FOUND OUT.

Source: “Free The Nipple” New Hampshire Backfires As I Dreaded.