Lanzarote. My second visit. Part 1.

Yes. This year I visited Lanzarote again. Charco del Palo has a strange attraction, being a naturist village. In a way it was like coming home. I got to the apartment,took off my clothes and that was it. Charco del Palo is a unique place for me. There could be other villages out in the world that offer a similar experience but I haven’t found those yet.
It didn’t take me long to get the first nude hikes behind me. In total I walked over 32 km (that is about 20 miles I think) during my stay, and all of them unhindered by looks of people who don’t understand what is is to be free. The clothed local population is used to it since long. They don’t blink at a naked body.

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clothes free on vacation

Naturist campsites: I’m on vacation and I’m Naked

We must recognize that when it comes to talking about naked we all become a little shy. But as with shame nor eaten nor lunch, today I invite you to leave her home because we go on vacation for naturist campsites, need to rest so much stress and save a few days of appearances. Free Tourism, that for you do not need the luggage . Vacation balls to open the mind to nature caress you whole body; in which the elements and you you are going to melt into one.

Thousand doubts assail you, followed by occasional ‘but’. However there is something magical and reassuring in such escapades, and there is nothing like going back to the origins and connect with the reality of your body in a pure and clean environment where calm and respect breathe in a frame tolerance and harmony . you may never have considered going to spend your day off to a building of this type because you surround yourself with prejudices and beliefs that block this curious part you want to run away to see what is actually that going naked all day

anyone even someone who is differently abled can enjoy a naturist vacation

My Handicapped Naturist Holiday Experience In Crete By Rob

It was our first time in Crete and we really enjoyed this beautiful island and although we have a pool at our garden in The Netherlands the weather is not always cooperative.

When we arrived at Vritomartis we were very pleasantly surprised by the very warm welcome that made us feel at home. As I am handicapped there is always a need to make some adjustments and understanding by the accommodation and also this was easily done by the employees. I brought with me an electric fold scooter to get around and it was no problem to use my scooter at the hotel, to the pool, to the bungalows and the other surroundings.

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clothes free living update special Friday edition broadcast 12


As announced on Wednesday cloths free living update broadcast will be moved to Fridays. This is our first Friday edition April 1 2016.

Show notes

  • April 1 welcome to special edition
    Big news have you heard about the merger
  • Spring is here summer is coming so we are deviating this special edition of CFL update to planning your summer clothes free vacation camping and/or a first visit to a resort
  • Planning a first time visit to a clothes free or clothing optional resort
  • Planning a clothes free vacation – camping,cruising, RVing
  • Shout out to Freedom Fields in Ontario Canada for sharing an important concern about Wasaga beach next summer
  • Stop the negative stuff online among nudist/naturists

Visit to clothes free camp leads to unexpected results

We visited a nudist camp, and had some unexpected results!

When my husband Ronnie* suggested that we visit a nudist camp, I was shocked! In time though, I thought the experience was very positive.

Let me paint our picture. Ronnie and I were “hippies” back in the late 1960s. We even went to the first Sunbury Festival in 1972, and may have shed some clothing back then!

Since then though, our lives have been pretty “regular” for everyday Aussies. We’ve just worked hard, raised a family and enjoy spending time with our grandkids.

We’ve probably always held on to some more grounded “hippie” ideals. We like to recycle, get outdoors when we can and have chooks in our backyard. Although I never dreamed of going naked again, at age 62

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clothes free vacation, pt. 7: pausing reflection

This first week back in the city after that marvelous clothes free vacation had its challenges. Right away, I was bombarded with text messages, emails and conversations with people asking for tons of favors. Rather than jump right into it, I gave myself space to just exist. I spent Monday crying a great deal, crying and writing. Tuesday, I stepped out to the yoga studio and had my first clothed practice in over a week. And then wrote some more. Finally, Wednesday, I walked across the bridge, took the elevator up and opened the door to the office. And kept writing. Read more

clothes free vacation pt. 5: the women

I had a much needed healing experience with the women I encountered on my clothes free vacation, both at the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven Nudist Park and at the clothing optional beach we visited towards the close of the adventure.

This was a very important moment for me, because my introduction to clothes free life happened through social media. And similar to what others have shared, I found it difficult to find clothes free accounts / users online that weren’t primarily focused on the human body as just a body and incessantly commenting on it sexually. I have seen various genders post those kinds of images and have seen various genders make sexual commentary on pictures, even when the images were not at all about that subject. Read more