Nude yoga girl hits the web

The Instagram sensation who has garnered over 150,000 followers in only a couple a months had launched her own web site.  The self-described model, photographer and yogini announced on Instagram yesterday that her new website NYG was now open.  The woman who is 25 years old according to her Instagram bio has been covered by a wide range of news media from New York Magazine to Cosmo.

The coverage centered around her artfully expressed black and white photos  of clothes free yoga poses which have so far been able to able avoid running afoul of Instagram’s nudity rules. In a brief conversation we had on Instagram in her early days pre 150k followers the nude yoga girl shared she did not have any major gymnastic or dance background despite her model looks. Also she said she only started practicing yoga consistently this year after several years on and off.

While she is not the first yogini to post clothes free yoga photos on Instagram (see our coverage of the naked soul yoga challenge) using strategic lighting and positioning the nude yoga girl seems to have captured the attention of a broad cross-section of Instagram users, yogis and yoginis. The body positive thoughts which accompany the images (Nudity Is Not Only About Being Sexy, BECAUSE YOGA IS PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT PERFECT (SO EVERYONE?) have inspired many others to lose their clothes and strike a yoga pose. There are even some copy cat account like the nude yoga guy that have emerged.

Time will tell where all this is going whether the nude yoga girl is just another example of smart creative marketing to commoditize the clothes free body and yoga. Recently she asked followers on Instagram if they would be interested in buying posters of her yoga pose photos. So far the new web site has nothing for sale simply offering the photos and thoughts available on Instagram. We will have to wait and see if she storms the web with her non commercial artistic yoga as she did on Instagram.


Other clothes free yoga on the web

Website lists information on Best Clothes free beaches

Best Bare Beaches

However, in the modern world, there are hundreds of thousands of people who just like to chill out on the beach, or by the lake in their “birthday suits”. Like me, they don't think of themselves as naturists and they don't want to join a naturist club or probably even visit a naturist hotel. They just like the freedom of being without clothes in a safe, sunny environment – it's as simple as that. Perhaps we are the “modern naturists”. Like most modern naturists, I have spent years travelling the world looking for the best nudist beaches. In that time, I have found some real gems and some less savoury beaches which did not live up to my expectations. And like most naturists, before every holiday, I spend hours researching nudist beaches on the internet, sifting through different web sites and printing out loads of maps and snippets of information to save me time when I get my destination.

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When Naturism Isn’t: How to Tell the Difference?

When Naturism Isn’t: How to Tell the Difference?

How is someone new to social nudism to determine what’s real and what isn’t? If everyone seems to claim that what they offer is truly nudist/naturist and it looks a lot like other things which make the same claim, how can someone just learning their way around be sure that what they’re seeing or thinking about participating in is actually part of social nudism or some sort of sideline practiced by some naturists but not part of the nudist/naturist lifestyle? It all looks the same to someone with a Textile’s background! Naked people everywhere, websites galore, resorts and camps; all claiming to be nudist/naturist, but which are the real nudists and which are… something else?

A very good read on discerning what is genuine nudism on the web. Important information.