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Recently, a number of naturists / clothes free lifers have expressed increased concern regarding individuals who use the labels of naturism, nudism or clothes free life while consistently posting sexual content. In turn, those posting such content express frustration when naturists argue that the content they share does not align with the intentions set forth by naturism. From reading conversations on Twitter as well as the piece written by the Chief Editor and Curator for, “Naturism and Nudism Have a PR Problem,” and the comments associated with it, I gathered that the contentions continue.

Much of what I have heard on both sides of the argument speaks to principle, which is certainly an important conversation. At the same time, I have also found, particularly from my yoga teacher training, that in support of principle, the question becomes, “What is the impact of my actions?” For instance, there are many ways to teach a yoga class. The more important question becomes less about what is morally right/wrong, or what I even like, and more about what is effective for a particular student or class on a particular day, given the intention.

24710706865_643939210b_oWith that in mind, I share with you what elements supported me and what did not support me as I stepped into clothes free life as well as things I have observed. Bear in mind that I share, not from a place of delineating moral values, but from a place of noting what did and did not work with regard to taking on clothes free life.  Read more

Outside IN – mom

Outside IN is a new series on consisting of interviews with various people who do not practice naturism or clothes free living. The purpose of these chats is to hear individual personal shares about people’s history, experiences and perspectives regarding nudity. Most interviews will take place with people I know, as some questions might become quite personal.

First interview: Mom.
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woman, why do you need to be naked?

23678957424_11baf9519d_oOver the past 1.5 years of my clothes free life, I have come across this question from folks who look in on the clothes free life from outside. For whatever reason, the question really struck me when seeing women ask that question of women who choose to engage in a clothes free life. In December I read one such comment on Instagram from a woman’s post. More recently, I came across a similar sentiment in this article:

“Woman to woman, why do you need to be naked?”

Well, woman to woman: I don’t. Read more

A Natural Woman

Magical Other I am going to borrow some images from the past to use in this post with the hope that I don’t offend anyone in any way. As well, I am going to borrow a few other images from FB of friends who I have found to be “real” people, “natural women.” If at…

Not a product or commodity


The female body or any body for that matter is not a product or commodity #clothesfreethpughts

Open Letter to Naked Old Women in Gym Locker Rooms

The second naked woman I ever saw was you. You were not young and beautiful, and so you were fascinating. I was five or six when I spotted you emerging from the gym shower and followed you to your personal locker. You peeled off your towel and patted yourself dry. I stared at you, fascinated, with my head peeked round a locker. I had never seen skin like yours before, with texture and color that changed across the planes of your body.

I thought when you caught me looking you would snatch up something to cover yourself, but you didn’t. You saw me, smiled a little, waved, and then continued to dry off and get dressed at a pace unhurried by knowledge that a little girl was watching.

Source: Open Letter to Naked Old Women in Gym Locker Rooms

Nude yoga girl hits the web

The Instagram sensation who has garnered over 150,000 followers in only a couple a months had launched her own web site.  The self-described model, photographer and yogini announced on Instagram yesterday that her new website NYG was now open.  The woman who is 25 years old according to her Instagram bio has been covered by a wide range of news media from New York Magazine to Cosmo.

The coverage centered around her artfully expressed black and white photos  of clothes free yoga poses which have so far been able to able avoid running afoul of Instagram’s nudity rules. In a brief conversation we had on Instagram in her early days pre 150k followers the nude yoga girl shared she did not have any major gymnastic or dance background despite her model looks. Also she said she only started practicing yoga consistently this year after several years on and off.

While she is not the first yogini to post clothes free yoga photos on Instagram (see our coverage of the naked soul yoga challenge) using strategic lighting and positioning the nude yoga girl seems to have captured the attention of a broad cross-section of Instagram users, yogis and yoginis. The body positive thoughts which accompany the images (Nudity Is Not Only About Being Sexy, BECAUSE YOGA IS PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT PERFECT (SO EVERYONE?) have inspired many others to lose their clothes and strike a yoga pose. There are even some copy cat account like the nude yoga guy that have emerged.

Time will tell where all this is going whether the nude yoga girl is just another example of smart creative marketing to commoditize the clothes free body and yoga. Recently she asked followers on Instagram if they would be interested in buying posters of her yoga pose photos. So far the new web site has nothing for sale simply offering the photos and thoughts available on Instagram. We will have to wait and see if she storms the web with her non commercial artistic yoga as she did on Instagram.


Other clothes free yoga on the web

drawn in

goldsmith goddessfly

Artist: Rohan Goldsmith

What do I see in me? How do I resonate with others? These questions have floated to the surface as I continue to wade deeper into the waters of my clothes free journey, which encompasses every aspect of my life, really.  It has come to a head especially in the past few months. Read more

Clothes free yogi December -Bex

Practicing yoga clothes free has helped me appreciate this body I occupy. I recognize that I am here and present in this particular vehicle so I better show it some love. I see clothes free as less about being naked and more about being my true self. Being the version of me as I define it, not based on any relationship or role, any social expectation, creed, physical or material definition. Stripping away all of that, leaves me with myself, as I am my only real asset.
Practicing yoga clothes free has influenced every aspect of my clothed life. I feel more confident than I ever have. I started practicing clothes free just before beginning yoga teacher training. My training strongly emphasizes that we have a regular home practice. Surprisingly there are many yoga teachers who never or rarely practice on their own. Often the focus of yoga is held to just the physical level; focusing on poses and aesthetics, music and clothing. Being at home, in my own bare skin, I find that it serves to move me beyond the physical and allows me to delve into the more subtle aspects of being. I can turn my thoughts inward as I am not encumbered by gatherings or restrictions of movement because of my clothing. It’s just me with myself and I can tune into my mind and body and go to work wherever breath and awareness is needed.

I think this helps me as a yoga teacher because it helps me to listen better to my own body and the energy that surrounds me. I think I am much more perceptive than I have ever been and that helps me to gauge the sequencing and flow of the class. I worry less about perfection and judgement. Paradoxically, by focusing on my own body, I believe am better equipped as a yoga instructor to help those that share yoga with me to focus on their own bodies and to show themselves some love.

Bex Honey