The Skinny Dip

This Canadian gem of a TV series from 2008 is a great example of the changing divergent face of social nudism that I have been writing about. The show features host Eve Kelly going on a wild swimming adventure shot artfully for Canadian TV no frontal nudity but no blurring of buns. What makes this television show very cool and a good expression of normalized simple nudity is people. Each episode the host goes hunting for people to just her on a skinny dip. They are ordinary people of all shapes sizes and ages with a little bit of adventure in their blood. No labels like nudist or naturist are used it’s just ordinary people many strangers to each other enjoying a wild swimming adventure clothes free.

Each show begins with host Eve Kelly recruiting the participants for skinny dips which range from a high mountain river, to the Brazilian jungle to the Australian outback. While the goal is the skinny dip, there is always an adventurous trek to get there and this is what makes the show more than just an experience of waiting for gratuitous nudity. Host Kelly narrates the adventure with cheery optimism reflecting the group experience which inevitably includes some drama. Despite any trials once they arrive at the wild swim location there is a contagious joy and exuberance as people lose their clothes and hesitation and swim clothes free in sometimes frigid water.

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My boys love this show (8 & 10 years old). Eve is cute and very upbeat. The nudity is family friendly and the interpersonal conflict (if any) is tastefully done and quickly resolved. Sounds like Eve is singing the theme song and though it’s not very good; after a few times it starts to stick with you. We’ll probably watch the rest of the series. The show’s really about adventure travel, meeting new people, and getting excited about overcoming a challenge. We really love Eve’s heavy Canadian accent.

Notice instead of throwing a fit about censorship the viewer allows kids to be exposed to non sexual nudity and even memorized the theme song which extols the virtues of simple nudity and skinny dipping. I am sure there will be some who will find some reason to criticize this show for not being true blue naturist/nudist. But that is just the point is isn’t a naturist or nudist show it is just ordinary people experiencing simple non sexual social nudity. For this reviewer this shows combination of adventure trekking and causal clothes free swimming is a great combination of life and non sexual simple nudity that we like to call clothes free life.


The Skinny Dip (1970)

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First aired: January 1, 1970
Runtime: 30 min
The Skinny Dip is a half hour long Canadian travel and adventure television series hosted by Eve Kelly and produced by Best Boy Entertainment. The show premiered on July 9, 2008 at 9 pm EST on Canadian digital cable specialty channel, travel + escape, which commissioned six new episodes, the first of which premiered on November 18, 2009.
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