Naked surfing

Naked surfing is not a new thing. In ancient Polynesia, and before the Europeans and Americans colonized dozens of islands and Pacific Ocean territories, people rode waves in the nude1)Naked Surfing- Surfer Today. In recent years Tambaba Beach in Brazil, featured a clothes free surfing contest.

There are a few clothing optional beaches around the world you there are waves suitable to hang ten and let it all hang out2)Naked Surfing – Surfer Today. Black’s Beach (San Diego, CA), Privates Beach (Santa Cruz, CA), Trail Six (San Onofre State Beach, CA), Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook, NJ), La Graviere (Hossegor, France), Zurriola (San Sebastian, Spain), Los Patos (Tenerife, Canary Islands), Maslin Beach (Adelaide, Australia), Sandy Bay (Cape Town, South Africa), Little Beach (Maui, Hawaii), Playa Zipolite (Oaxaca, Mexico), Praia das Adegas, (Odeceixe, Portugal).

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