ADN-ZB/Bartocha/5/9/88/Bez. Rostock: Bei letzten Sommer-Sonnen-Strahlen sieht man am Ostseestrand sich aalen, zwei “schaumgeborene Aphroditen”, die reizvoll sich als “Blickfang” bieten.

Women, single or in (smaller) groups, often face the problem that men consider them lust objects instead of people who just want to be outside to relax. Modern sex-based society has unfortunately ingrained such an ‘awareness’ in many men. Harassment is something everyone fears. This can happen in the form of just being stared at, being photographed (something that’s not done among respectful naturists and nudists) or even being approached and physically harassed.

Women in naturism weekend

Women in naturism weekend a joint effort by British Naturism and the American Asssociation for Nude Recreation.

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