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Naked sportsinsport
Sep 23rd 18

Naked sports: Naked or naturist  sport was practiced in many cultures throughout history. Ancient Greeks competed in the ancient omlympoc games without clothing. Many indigenous cultures document naked sport. The word gymnasium  - a place to practice comes from the Greek word for naked "gymnos" Several African culture feature naked sport

Wellington Naturist Clubinclubs
May 25th 18

Clubs The Wellington (NZ) Sun Club, now the Wellington Naturist Club, was founded in 1951 by Perc. Cousins. The property at Upper Hutt, 12 acres, was purchased in 1955. Initially Wellington naturists used a bush block at Stokes Valley, where the pictures are taken, in 1944. Stokes Valley, in Lower Hutt, in those days was a rural district, with

Nakationsinnaturist activities
Aug 6th 18

In recent years clothing optional tourism and naked vacations – nakations have been growing in popularity.The mainstream media has taken note of this growing vacation option

Nude cruiseinnaturist activities
Aug 6th 18

Cruises are a popular vacation option and nude cruises where clothing is optional onboard ship are increasingly popular as well.

Matthew Bullockinpeople
Aug 6th 18

Matthew Bullock tried to join several naturist clubs starting in 1950 and was rejected (along with his wife and children) because of his race. Bullock finally broke through the color barrier in 1971and became a member at Beechwood Lodge in Pennsylvania.

John Lennoninpeople
Aug 11th 18

The late John Lennon was famously comfortable with being nude and clothes free. As was he wife Yoko Ono.  “The main hangup in the world today is hypocrisy and insecurity.If people can’t face up to the fact of other people being naked,or whatever they want to,then we’re never going to get anywhere.People have got to become aware that it’s

Colonialism and indigenous naturisminsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

Colonialism and indigenous naturism were opposite forces during the colonial period. It is an often forgetten fact that the majority of the world lived and continue to love in tropical climates. Nakedness in society was normative for many of those cultures up until the Middle Ages and the birth of colonialism. Native people who previously practiced

Jul 17th 18

Naturism in France

British Naturisminorganizations
May 27th 18

British Naturism is the official British organisation to promote the clothes free lifestyle. They organise events like nude swims and petanque tournaments. British Naturism is quite active on Twitter. British Naturism also tries to educate the general public about nudity and its benefits: There is no offence of 'nudity' in English law otherwise we

World Naked Gardening Dayincalendar days
Jul 11th 18

World Naked Gardening Day is marked on the first Saturday of May each year which people are encouraged to tend their gardens or some portion of it clothes free. WNGD participants are encouraged to WNGD tweet using hashtag  #WNGD Being naked and gardening? It's actually a day to celebrate! Commemorating World Naked Gardening Day is a global