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John Lennoninpeople
Aug 11th 18

The late John Lennon was famously comfortable with being nude and clothes free. As was he wife Yoko Ono.  “The main hangup in the world today is hypocrisy and insecurity.If people can’t face up to the fact of other people being naked,or whatever they want to,then we’re never going to…

International Naked Reading Dayincalendar days
Jul 11th 18

International Naked Reading Day occurs in the fifth day of July every year. Started by the Naked Girls Reading literary group the day has been adopted by some in the naturist literary community as a way to promote naturist literature. The stated goal of the day's originators is ... removing the…

Clothes freeinterminology
May 27th 18

This terms usd to describe naturist or nudist life has gained popularity in recent years. See

Naturism and veganisminsocial issues
Jul 29th 18

As individuals in society seek a return to a more natural way of living there is an increase in the practices of naturism and veganism. I’m very eco friendly. I’m a vegan nudist.” Naturism and food In his work called the Naturist Society Project psychologist Marc Descamps describes one aspect…

Jean Baptiste Luc Planchoninhistory
Jul 29th 18

Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon is generally believed to have coined the term nudism in 1778. He defined the naturism as natural health and life.

Marc Alain Descampsinpeople
Jul 29th 18

Marc Alain Descamp a french psychologist and yoga teacher [ref]Marc Alain Descamps[/ref] wrote several books about naturism and naturist living. Including Living Naked :The Psychosociology of naturism Naturism is practised in many ways: Marc Alain Descamps,[8] in his study written in French, classified the types as: individual nudism, nudism within…

Jul 17th 18

Naturism in France

May 27th 18

Introduction There are many organizations that support gymnosophy. These days they are called naturist or nudist associations or clubs. History Edith Church, the crusader, whose efforts won legal status for nudist clubs in the Bible Belt of the Midwest.  

Naturist familiesinsocial issues
May 28th 18

Naturist families may find it  difficult to go clothes-free together. Many people who aren’t used to the naturist life  won’t understand nor condone the sight of naked people and certainly not that of naked children. The fear of pictures being taken and spread over the Internet is very present.

Clothing optional hot springsinoutdoor recreation
Jul 15th 18

A visit to a clothing optional hot springs is a fun healing experience of outdoor nude recreation for naturists. Hot springs or hot pools are popular all over the world, particularly in France, Germany, New Zealand [ref] New Zealand Hot Pools[/ref]and Switzerland. A visit to a clothing optional hot springs [ref] First-timers guide…